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macro processor: comment If class

parent 4594fdd0
......@@ -173,6 +173,14 @@ namespace macro
class If : public Directive
/* Every if statement and the associated body to execute are stored in a
* pair<ExpressionPtr, vector<DirectivePtr>>, where the ExpressionPtr is the condition
* and vector<DirectivePtr> is the series of statements to execute if the condition evaluates
* to true.
* The `if` statement is the first element in the vector
* If there exist any `elseif` statements, they follow
* If there is an `else` statement it is the last element in the vector. Its condition is true.
const vector<pair<ExpressionPtr, vector<DirectivePtr>>> expr_and_body;
If(vector<pair<ExpressionPtr, vector<DirectivePtr>>> expr_and_body_arg,
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