Commit c6a52fd7 authored by Houtan Bastani's avatar Houtan Bastani

macro processor: c++ modernization

parent fa2f6c92
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......@@ -43,8 +43,7 @@ Environment::define(FunctionPtr func, ExpressionPtr value)
Environment::getVariable(const string &name) const
auto it = variables.find(name);
if (it != variables.end())
if (auto it = variables.find(name); it != variables.end())
return it->second;
if (!parent)
......@@ -56,8 +55,7 @@ Environment::getVariable(const string &name) const
tuple<FunctionPtr, ExpressionPtr>
Environment::getFunction(const string &name) const
auto it = functions.find(name);
if (it != functions.end())
if (auto it = functions.find(name); it != functions.end())
return it->second;
if (!parent)
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