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use emplace instead of insert and emplace_back instead of push_back

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......@@ -3633,8 +3633,8 @@ DynamicModel::writeOutput(ostream &output, const string &basename, bool block_de
for (auto & it : pac_eqtag_and_lag)
if (for_writing.find(it.first.first) == for_writing.end())
for_writing.insert(pair<string,vector<pair<string,string>> >(it.first.first, vector<pair<string,string>>()));
for_writing[it.first.first].push_back({it.first.second, it.second.first});
for_writing.emplace(it.first.first, vector<pair<string, string>>());
for_writing[it.first.first].emplace_back(it.first.second, it.second.first);
for (auto & it : for_writing)
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