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Allow th use of EXPECTATION keyword in variables tags.

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......@@ -3899,6 +3899,8 @@ symbol : NAME
{ $$ = $1; }
{ $$ = $1; }
{ }
  • @stepan-a This is incorrect. You must put $$ = $1;, which is needed for older versions of Bison (such as the one in Debian Stretch). In more recent versions of Bison (such as the one in Debian Buster), it is no longer required, but we're not yet ready to bump the minimal Bison requirement.

    Should I fix it, or will you do it?

  • @sebastien The correct syntax for older versions does not work (this was my first attempt, but I realised that what I pushed was working as I wanted to work and didn’t realise this was a new feature). Please fix it if you can and update the submodule in ecb-master.

  • Actually I'm pretty sure it does not work the way you did it, even with a recent Bison. Did you verify that the tag really appears in the list?

    Anyways, I'm going to fix this.

  • Thinking again about it, I'm not sure it's a good idea to allow EXPECTATION here, because basically that means we can have an endogenous variable with that name. But this is also the name of an operator of the language…

    What exactly is your use case?

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