Commit 723d7350 authored by Michel Juillard's avatar Michel Juillard
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fixing typo

parent 7ba26634
......@@ -32,14 +32,6 @@ function TimeDataFrame(filename::String, frequency::Frequency, firstperiod::Inte
TimeDataFrame(data, periods, true, frequency)
function TimeDataFrame(filename::String, frequency::Frequency, firstperiod::Integer)
data = DataFrame(CSV.File(filename))
continuous = true
periods = [Period(firstperiod + i - 1, 0, Year) for i in 1:size(data, 1)]
TimeDataFrame(data, periods, true, frequency)
TimeDataFrame(frequency::Frequency, firstperiod, pairs::Pair{Symbol,<:Any}...;
makeunique::Bool=false, copycols::Bool=true) =
TimeDataFrame(DataFrame(pairs; makeunique, copycols),
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