Commit 88bb9f55 authored by Dóra Kocsis's avatar Dóra Kocsis

add modified test script

parent 078577a2
%[d, dd] = get_series('AFDB','bbkawjf','AFDB_CPIA_EM_DB_S.BDI')
[d, dd] = get_dataset('AMECO','UVGD');
% fetch series by provider code and dataset code
df = fetch_series('provider_code', "AMECO", 'dataset_code', "UVGD", 'max_nb_series', 500);
% fetch one series by ID
df_id = fetch_series('series_ids',"AMECO/ZUTN/EA19.");
% fetch multiple series by ID
df_ids = fetch_series('series_ids', ["AMECO/ZUTN/EA19.", "AMECO/ZUTN/DNK."]);
% fetch many series by ID from different datasets
df_ids_sets = fetch_series('series_ids', ["AMECO/ZUTN/EA19.", "AMECO/ZUTN/DNK.", "IMF/CPI/A.AT.PCPIT_IX"]);
% fetch time series by code mask
df_code_mask1 = fetch_series('provider_code', "IMF", 'dataset_code', "CPI", 'series_code', "M.FR+DE.PCPIEC_IX+PCPIA_IX");
df_code_mask2 = fetch_series('provider_code', "IMF", 'dataset_code', "CPI", 'series_code', ".FR.PCPIEC_WT");
% df_code_mask3 = fetch_series('provider_code', "IMF", 'dataset_code', "CPI", 'series_code', "M..PCPIEC_IX+PCPIA_IX", 'max_nb_series', 400);
% fetch series by dimensions
% dimensions=struct("geo", "dnk");
df_dim = fetch_series('provider_code',"AMECO", 'dataset_code', "ZUTN", 'dimensions', '{"geo":["dnk"]}');
df_dims = fetch_series('provider_code',"WB",'dataset_code',"DB", 'dimensions', '{"country":["ES","FR","IT"],"indicator":["IC.REG.COST.PC.FE.ZS.DRFN"]}');
% fetch series by api link
df_link = fetch_series_by_api_link("");
% fetch series from the cart
df_cart = fetch_series_by_api_link("");
% fetch multi frequency series
df_multi_freq = fetch_series('series_ids', ["BEA/NIUnderlyingDetail-U001BC/S315-A",...
% fetch one series and apply interpolation filter %NOT IMPLEMENTED
df_filter = fetch_series('series_ids', "AMECO/ZUTN/EA19.",...
'dbnomics_filters', '{"code":["interpolate"], "parameters": {"frequency": ["monthly"], "method": ["spline"]}}');
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