Commit c98c221e authored by Marco Ratto's avatar Marco Ratto
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save info1 file only under debugging

parent c2baa8ba
......@@ -185,7 +185,9 @@ while is_changed && maxiter>iter && ~is_periodic
[alphahat,etahat,epsilonhat,ahat,SteadyState,trend_coeff,aK,T0,R0,P,PK,decomp,Trend,state_uncertainty,M_,oo_,bayestopt_] = DsgeSmoother(xparam1,gend,Y,data_index,missing_value,M_,oo_,options_,bayestopt_,estim_params_,occbin_options,TT,RR,CC);% T1=TT;
regime_history0(iter,:) = regime_history;
if occbin_smoother_debug
sto_CC = CC;
sto_RR = RR;
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