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- title: "Working Papers"
url: /wp
- title: "Contact"
url: /contact
title: Contact
<br />
Here are the various contact points of the Dynare Team. Please make sure to use
the one that best corresponds to your request.
- Our main support channel is the [Dynare forum](https://forum.dynare.org). All
questions about the usage of Dynare should go there. More general questions
related to macroeconomic modelling are also welcome.
- Bugs should be reported by opening a new issue on our [issue
tracker](https://git.dynare.org/Dynare/dynare/-/issues). Note that you will
have to create an account on our Gitlab instance. If you have encountered a
problem with Dynare, but are unsure whether it is really a bug, please ask on
the forum first before opening an issue.
- Small code contributions can directly be submitted via a new [merge
request](https://git.dynare.org/Dynare/dynare/-/merge_requests). Large code
contributions should first be discussed by writing to
[dev@dynare.org](mailto:dev@dynare.org); beware, this is a publicly-archived
mailing list.
- Inquiries about the Dynare Conference should go to
- Inquiries about the Dynare Summer School should go to
- Submissions to the Dynare Working Paper Series should be sent to
- Requests that do not fall in any of the above categories should be sent to
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