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Updated NEWS for 4.5.5.

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Announcement for Dynare 4.5.5 (on 2018-06-08)
We are pleased to announce the release of Dynare 4.5.5.
This is a bugfix release.
The Windows packages are already available for download at:
The Mac and GNU/Linux packages (for Debian and Ubuntu LTS) should follow soon.
This release is compatible with MATLAB versions 7.5 (R2007b) to 9.3 (R2018a)
and with GNU Octave versions 4.2.
Here is a list of the problems identified in version 4.5.4 and that have been
fixed in version 4.5.5:
- Identification was crashing during prior sampling if `ar` was initially too
- The `align` method on `dseries` did not return a functional second `dseries`
- Predetermined variables were not properly set when used in model local
- `perfect_foresight_solver` with option `stack_solve_algo=7` was not working
correctly when an exogenous variable has a lag greater than 1.
- `identification` with `prior_mc` option would crash if the number of moments
with non-zero derivative is smaller than the number of parameters.
- Calling several times `normcdf` or `normpdf` with the same arguments in a
model with block decomposition (but not bytecode) was leading to incorrect
Announcement for Dynare 4.5.4 (on 2018-01-29)
......@@ -146,7 +186,7 @@ fixed in version 4.5.2:
another variable. Note that the constraint on a variable that is not an
instrument of the Ramsey problem must be written with an equation tag in the
model block.
- Fixed bug in Ramsey problem with constraints on policy instrument.
- Fixed crash with optimizer 5 when not used with DSGE model at order 1.
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