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......@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ Dynare was originally developed by Michel Juillard in Paris, France. Currently,
\item Ferhat Mihoubi (ferhat.mihoubi``AT''
\item George Perendia (george``AT''
\item Marco Ratto (marco.ratto``AT''
\item Sbastien Villemot (sebastien.villemot``AT''
\item Sbastien Villemot (sebastien``AT''
Several parts of Dynare use or have strongly benefited from publicly available programs by G. Anderson, F. Collard, L. Ingber, O. Kamenik, P. Klein, S. Sakata, F. Schorfheide, C. Sims, P. Soederlind and R. Wouters.
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