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Upstream-Name: Dynare-preprocessor Upstream-Name: Dynare-preprocessor
Upstream-Contact: Dynare Team, whose members in 2020 are: Upstream-Contact: Dynare Team, whose members in 2020 are:
Stéphane Adjemian <stephane.adjemian@univ-lemans.fr> - Stéphane Adjemian <stephane.adjemian@univ-lemans.fr>
Houtan Bastani <houtan@dynare.org> - Houtan Bastani <houtan@dynare.org>
Michel Juillard <michel.juillard@mjui.fr> - Michel Juillard <michel.juillard@mjui.fr>
Frédéric Karamé <frederic.karame@univ-lemans.fr> - Frédéric Karamé <frederic.karame@univ-lemans.fr>
Junior Maih <junior.maih@gmail.com> - Dóra Kocsis <dora@dynare.org>
Ferhat Mihoubi <fmihoubi@univ-evry.fr> - Junior Maih <junior.maih@gmail.com>
Johannes Pfeifer <jpfeifer@gmx.de> - Ferhat Mihoubi <fmihoubi@univ-evry.fr>
Marco Ratto <marco.ratto@ec.europa.eu> - Willi Mutschler <willi@mutschler.eu>
Sébastien Villemot <sebastien@dynare.org> - Johannes Pfeifer <jpfeifer@gmx.de>
- Marco Ratto <marco.ratto@ec.europa.eu>
- Sébastien Villemot <sebastien@dynare.org>
Former Dynare Team members include:
- Abdeljabar Benzougar
- Alejandro Buesa
- Fabrice Collard
- Assia Ezzeroug
- Stéphane Lhuissier
- George Perendia
Source: https://www.dynare.org Source: https://www.dynare.org
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