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JSON output: do not append two underscores after model local variable names in their definition

This is inconsistent with the way they are printed in equations (without

The practice of appending underscores only makes sense in a MATLAB workspace context.
parent 931935a9
......@@ -1393,10 +1393,8 @@ ModelTree::writeJsonModelLocalVariables(ostream &output, deriv_node_temp_terms_t
if (!efout.empty())
output << ", ";
/* We append underscores to avoid name clashes with "g1" or "oo_" (see
also VariableNode::writeOutput) */
output << R"({"variable": ")" << symbol_table.getName(id) << R"(__")"
<< R"(, "value": ")";
output << R"({"variable": ")" << symbol_table.getName(id)
<< R"(", "value": ")";
value->writeJsonOutput(output, tt, tef_terms);
output << R"("})" << endl;
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