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Added Contents.m file.

If m-unit-tests/src is in the Matlab/Octave's path, then

help m-unit-tests/src

will display the list of routines in the toolbox and an example.
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% Matlab/Octave toolbox for performing unit tests.
% Routines:
% build_report_summary - Builds a summary report.
% dassert - Tests the equality of two objects.
% dtest - Runs unit test defined in a Matlab/Octave routine, by calling mtest, and display results.
% get_directory_description - Lists recursively all the *.m files in a directory.
% initialize_unit_tests_toolbox - Initialization of the path to the m-unit-tests/src folder.
% is_unitary_test_available - Decides if unitary tests defined in a Matlab/Octave routine have to be run
% mtest - Extracts unit test sections from Matlab/Octave's routine, executes the tests and reports results.
% run_unitary_tests - Runs unitary tests defined in a collection of files.
% run_unitary_tests_in_directory - Runs all the unitary tests defined in a directory (and subfolders).
% Example:
% >> addpath m-unit-tests
% >> initialize_unit_test_toolbox
% >> run_unitary_tests_in_directory('dates/src/@dates')
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